Elegant crested tinamou (Eudromia elegans)

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Quick facts about Elegant crested tinamou
Name: Elegant crested tinamou
Scientific Name: Eudromia elegans
Other Names:
Habitat: Arid and semi-arid grassland, dry savanna, open woodland, steppes, sandy areas
      Length: 15.5 in (39 cm)
      Width: 24–26 oz (675–750 g)
Nesting: Hollow in ground, often next to low bush
Social Behaviour:
Migration: Nonmigratory
IUCN Conservation Status:
Elegant crested tinamou Scientific Name: Eudromia elegans

Scientific Classification:

One of more than 40 species of tinamous found in Central and South America, this ground-dwelling bird is distinguished by its slender, upturned crest. Like other tinamous, it resembles a gamebird (p.23), with short, strong legs, a broad body, and a relatively small head. Tinamous can fly, although some only weakly. This species is more likely to hide in case of approaching danger, taking to the air on whirring wings only as a last resort.

The elegant crested tinamou feeds on plants and insects. It is largely a solitary bird, except after the breeding season, when it is sometimes seen in family groups, which may coalesce to form small flocks. The breeding system is unusual, because either sex may have several mates. The nest is a simple scrape in the ground, near a low bush, and the male incubates the eggs. These have a glossy sheen—a characteristic that all tinamou eggs share.


Clutch of Eggs: 1–12 eggs
Broods: 1
Egg Length:
Egg Width:
Incubation Period:
Nesting Time: