Spur-winged goose (Plectropterus gambensis)

Quick facts about Spur-winged goose
Name: Spur-winged goose
Scientific Name: Plectropterus gambensis
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Spur-winged goose Scientific Name: Plectropterus gambensis

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The range of this species includes the entire area south of the Sahara, exclusive of Madagascar. There is apparently no migration proper, so that summer and winter range will be considered at the same time. Like many other African birds it does, however, show seasonal changes in distribution, depending upon the dry and the wet seasons. Range: Gambia, Liberia, Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria, Sudan, Europe


In Northeast Africa this duck lives in pairs or families, and during the winter dry season is sometimes found in large flocks on waters and swamps. In the daytime they like to lie in the lowlands where wild rice is abundant, and also on moist meadows or new grain-fields. Mornings and evenings they alight amidst “hellish uproar” on open waters and sandbanks.


The voice as a series of short, abrupt, though sometimes prolonged, whistling sounds, like the squeak of a rubber doll, very in- significant for so large a bird.


Grain and grass sprouts, worms, crustaceans, fishes, snails, insects, mollusks, seeds and fresh grass.

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